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Employee Benefit Plan Consulting

Broker Personal Health Insurance

BrokerĀ  Medicare Plans

Greywalls Advisors was hired by a prestigious national advertising firm to select a compensation consultant and manage a compensation project to update its employee compensation plan and align it with its business strategy. The result of the project was a successful narrowing of the salary ranges of employees to make them more relevant to job descriptions and an updating of the salary ranges to be more competitive in its industry and geography to help retain key employees. 

A small employer hired Greywalls Advisors to review the competitiveness of its health insurance plan, to reduce its cost, and to secure competitive bids at renewal. The results of the project were: (1) remain with the current insurer but with a negotiated rate compromise, (2) redesign the plan to introduce consumerism and an employer funded Health Reimbursement Account, and (3) allow employees to access their claim information and status on-line. 

An entrepreneur left the corporate world to start his own telecommunications services business. When COBRA was running out he asked Greywalls Advisors to help him secure health insurance for himself and his family. After comparing the rates of numerous plan designs for both small business programs and personal policies from several insurers, we determined that a small employer plan provided more favorable rating for pre-existing conditions and preventive care benefits.

A friend had recently retired from a major corporation and had to decide whether to keep his company's retiree medical plan or switch to a Medicare product and asked Greywalls Advisors for advice. After researching the coverage and cost of multiple Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans, we advised him to keep his company retiree plan for another year when his wife would also be eligible for Medicare and then select a Medicare Advantage plan for himself and a Medicare Supplement plan for his wife to help her avoid pre-existing conditions restrictions.

A Medicare eligible individual was spending close to $5,000 a year on prescription drugs for himself and his wife. Greywalls Advisors researched all the Medicare Part D prescription drug plans available to him and successfully enrolled him in the best plan that covered his wife's specific drugs at the lowest cost. The first year savings exceeded $3,750.

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